Nathan Monroe
Edmonds City Councill
Position No 7

About me

I love Edmonds. I was born, raised, and spent the majority of my life here. I've lived in Firdale Village, Seaview, Perrinville, Yost Park, and the 5 Corners neighborhoods. Currently, I live Downtown with my wife Jordan. My brother and his family live in Edmonds too (Perrinville) as do my parents (5 Corners). Edmonds is part of who I am, it is sticthced into my DNA.  Needless to say, I have a good perspective of the growth and change that has occurred in Edmonds over my lifetime.  

The history of Edmonds can be defined through the projects we’ve undertaken, refused, deferred, and completed.  Our future will be defined in much the same way. The decisions we make concerning the waterfront connector, Dayton Street, the development along HWY 99, the redevelopment of our downtown, among others, will shape the landscape of our community. Beneath these marquee projects, there are thousands of underlying decisions that impact how our infrastructure functions as the underpinning of town. How we manage our waste water treatment plant, our train and ferry stations/ crossings, our roadways and sidewalks, our parks, and our investment in art are all signals to each other and to the region of who we are and what we hold valuable.   

I want to ensure that the future of Edmonds is defined with as much passion and affection as our past.    

I earned an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from University of Portland and a Master of Business Administration from Seattle University, taking nighttime classes while working fulltime.   I understand the importance of fiscal responsability, not just for our current residence, but for future generations as well.  I’ve spent my career designing and managing the construction of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of projects similar to those Edmonds is planning or currently undertaking. I understand the details of how these project are conceived, planned, funded, and executed.   

I have served on the City’s planning board for the past 4.5 years, working with City staff and City leaders, and have come to understand the challenges and opportunities that face this wonderful City.   

I'm 38 years old, which means I'm a generation or two younger than the existing council.  As the demographics of Edmonds change (and gets younger) this is an increasingly  important perspective. 

Finally, I'm non partisan.  My constituency is Edmonds.  My agenda is set by what's in our best interests.  I'm open minded, able to see all sides of an issue and won't be locked into a political agenda that doesn't fit Edmonds.  

I'm excited about the opportunity to help shepherd our City into the future.


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